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Insurance protects businesses against financial shortfalls, property and equipment damage and serves as a key source of risk mitigation. An efficiently-structured insurance and risk management program tailored to your specific operations is critical to the ongoing success of your business. 

CapriCMW brings decades of experience and specialized expertise in developing custom solutions for the forestry sector. 

The forestry insurance market is ever-changing. As new innovations in coverages are developed and introduced, premiums and insurer capacities fluctuate based on local and global factors outside our control. CapriCMW’s Risk Advisors keep you informed of the trends that affect your business, and provide professional guidance and support with a unique understanding of the pressures you face with regulatory changes and emerging competitive markets. With this depth of knowledge, our Risk Advisors are positioned to deliver solutions that protect your assets and operations while supporting your long-term growth.

Our Risk Advisors specialize in solutions for:

  • Wood product manufacturers
  • Logging contractors
  • Silviculture contractors and consultants
  • Forestry management firms
  • Forestry trucking and hauling operations

Forestry and Wood Processing Risk Management Specialists

David Green
Hedley Larsen
Don Gaboury
Mark Petrie
Will Downing

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About CapriCMW

CapriCMW is a uniquely independent, employee and locally owned insurance brokerage with strong roots in BC. As employee-owners, our forestry sector advisors are uniquely capable of building and nurturing long-term client relationships. 

With over 450 employees in 17 offices across BC, Yukon and Ontario, we are well-positioned to grow, remain independent and provide value to customers and businesses, while enriching the communities we serve.

Forestry Sector Insights

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Wood Product Manufacturers: 3 Ways to Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

There have been steady increases in insurance premiums for the wood product industry since 2012. Will Downing, a CapriCMW Risk Advisor specializing in wood product manufacturing, discusses the biggest concerns for insurance carriers and what you can do to…

Mar 31st, 2022 | By: Will Downing
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Wood Product Manufacturers: Reduce Your Insurance Premiums and Avoid WorkSafeBC Fines

Will Downing, a CapriCMW Risk Advisor specializing in wood product manufacturing, explains how risk engineering reports help wood product manufacturers reduce their insurance premiums and avoid WorkSafeBC fines.

May 20th, 2022 | By: Will Downing
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BC Launches Mass Timber Action Plan

The BC government has launched its Mass Timber Action Plan, dedicated to promoting the adoption of mass timber and engineered wood products in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Apr 22nd, 2022 | By: CapriCMW


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BC Government Introduces Rental Protection Fund

The BC government has introduced a new $500 million fund to support non-profit housing organizations in purchasing affordable residential rental buildings and ownership co-operatives.

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Impact of Recent EI Changes on Employers and Employees

As of December 18, 2022, the federal government has extended the length of time that individuals can access employment insurance (EI) sickness benefits. The total period of coverage available is now 26 weeks, up from 15 weeks. On the surface, this…

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Five Tips to Keep You Safe During Your Holiday Travels

If you're going to be away this holiday season, there are some important steps for you to take before and during your trip to keep you safe and protect your property.

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