Video: What Policy Changes Can I Make Through ICBC's New Online Renewal Process?

CapriCMW's Auto Insurance Advisors explain the types of policy changes that you can make when renewing your insurance with ICBC online.
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Jun 22nd, 2022 | By: CapriCMW
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You may have heard that ICBC is adding one more way to renew your auto insurance. In May of 2022, many drivers will be able to renew their policy online.

So, what changes can you make with online renewals?

Eligible drivers renewing online will be limited to:

  • renewing their existing coverage as is;
  • adding or remove listed drivers;
  • updating your address; and
  • changing how you use your vehicle

If you need to add or change optional coverages, or if you have private auto insurance, our friendly Advisors can renew your policy over the phone, email or at one of our offices. Just visit to start your renewal anytime.

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