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Understand how liability and physical damage coverages protect you and your off road vehicle.
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Oct 3rd, 2017 | By: Zach Schwingenschloegl

At CapriCMW, we love the outdoors! That’s why we’ve spent years creating insurance programs exclusively for off road vehicle (ORV) enthusiasts. From your snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and ATVs, to Razors, Argos and Rhinos, we truly have your off road vehicle covered.

Whether you ride on dirt or snow, there are two critical coverages you need to be aware of: Liability Insurance and Physical Damage Insurance.

Liability Insurance provides coverage for you if you injure someone else or cause damage to someone else’s property. If you injure someone or cause damage to someone else’s property with your ORV, the costs can add up quickly. The right liability coverage can protect you from the financial burden, if you’re ever at fault in an accident.

Did you know, in B.C. you’re required by law to carry liability coverage if you operate an off road vehicle on Forestry Roads? If you operate an ATV, dirtbike, or side-by-side on a back country road in B.C. it’s highly likely that you’ll be traveling on a Forestry Road. Ministry of Forests and Range regulations require you to carry liability insurance for your vehicle. If you operate a snowmobile on a plowed Forestry Road, you’re also required to carry liability insurance. Failure to provide proof of insurance can result in fines well over $200.

Physical Damage Insurance provides protection from loss or damage to your off road vehicle by fire, theft, transit, vandalism and even collision. With physical damage insurance, you can have peace of mind, knowing that if your ORV is stolen, damaged or lost in a fire, you’re covered for up to the agreed value for purchasing a new off road vehicle.

In B.C., the landscape for ORV owners has shifted recently, with the provincial government launching and enforcing new registration regulations. To register an ORV, owners are required to provide an original bill of sale. In many cases, especially if the vehicle was purchased used, owner’s no longer have the bill of sale. In this case, a Statutory Declaration Form a.k.a. MV1484 is required. Normally, a Statutory Declaration Form requires a Notary Public to review and sign the document, adding additional time and cost to the registration process. Recognizing this challenge, Capri Insurance has added Commissioner of Oath’s in each of our offices who can sign the Statutory Declaration Form at no additional charge.

Being involved and supporting the outdoor community is important to us. Capri Insurance is the preferred insurance provider for the BC Wildlife Federation and the BC Snowmobile Association. Through our partnerships we’ve created exclusive risk management programs for snowmobile and outdoor clubs across the province to ensure safer activities for their members. By becoming a member of one of these associations and purchasing your insurance through Capri, you benefit from the protection offered by the insurance policy and as a bonus we help fund the delivery of association programs.

Protect yourself, and your off road vehicle with the right coverage. To learn more or get a free online quote, visit For more information about off road vehicle coverage from Capri Insurance, contact Zach Schwing at 1-888-818-5821 or

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