Five Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Insurance 

We're going to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets for career opportunities in Canada - the insurance industry is rapidly growing, talent is in super high demand, and the opportunities are endless for an exciting and lucrative career!
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Apr 22nd, 2022 | By: Gena Prangnell

Let’s be honest - the insurance industry doesn’t sound exciting. Unless you have family or friends telling you about how exciting and rewarding it can be working in insurance, you probably haven’t given it a thought. We're going to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets for career opportunities in Canada - the insurance industry is rapidly growing, talent is in super high demand, and the opportunities are endless for a dynamic, long-lasting and lucrative career!

We’re sharing five reasons why you should consider starting your career in insurance and why CapriCMW is considered a top employer in the industry.

Stability – Insurance is Everywhere

Insurance is everywhere and everyone needs it to operate a car, mortgage a home, rent an apartment or run a business and as a result, the industry provides stable jobs. When the economy takes a downturn as it did in 2008 or during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning in 2020, insurance companies and brokerages still performed well, and even hired while others were laying off. 

At CapriCMW, during COVID-19 related restrictions, when many companies were sadly forced to lay workers off or close their doors we continued to grow and hire for new positions. 

Career Advancement – Tools to Succeed 

Don’t mistake stability for static, boring and lacking opportunities for advancement. Insurance is dynamic, and in this industry, you’ll be learning everyday.  As the world changes, so does insurance. Every sector of personal property or business insurance has a unique set of risks that needs to be assessed and covered in the event of a loss. For example, an emerging segment in insurance is coverage for personal and corporate cyber crimes - this segment didn't exist 10 years ago.

As a brokerage, CapriCMW has a variety of job opportunities that range from front office, accounting and claims, to client service and sales. There is a fit for all personalities and skills - the common denominator is you need to have a passion for helping people and doing good in the world. If you are driven to learn and provide a level of service that clients can’t get elsewhere, your knowledge and contribution will grow along with your paycheque.

Community - The People Are Amazing!

Insurance is about taking care of one another. Every day, people working in insurance have an opportunity to make a positive impact on their clients and their colleagues. When unexpected losses happen from fires, floods or other disasters, insurance brokers and claims professionals are there to help people resume their regular lives as quickly as possible, limiting loss and the effects on their day-to-day lives. 

At CapriCMW, there are also opportunities to volunteer with local non-profit and charitable organizations when  unanticipated needs arise. In 2021, during the BC wildfires, many CapriCMW team members volunteered their time at local food banks or kitchens to help those who were displaced from their homes. The insurance industry is filled with amazing people who never fail to lend a hand when called upon.

Talent is in High Demand - Start Immediately and Continue to Learn and Contribute

Insurance professionals are in high demand. In Canadian Underwriter’s 2019 National Broker Survey, which heard from more than 200 Canadian brokers, 69% of survey respondents said “finding qualified workers” was a strong challenge to their business. 

To start, all you need are people skills and the confidence to apply. From there, to work in an insurance sales or service role, you will need to complete and pass the General Insurance Level One licensing course. Ongoing professional development through a combination of courses and on-the-job learning can propel you forward in your career.

At CapriCMW, you are provided with the tools and resources you need to make an impact from day one. CapriCMW covers the cost of required education and licensing for our team members. We work to ensure that every member of the CapriCMW family feels heard, valued and respected, and we encourage everyone to share ideas on how we can improve the work environment and the service we provide to our clients. ​

CapriCMW is Recognized as a Top Employer

We're proud to be recognized as a top Canadian employer, being ranked on the Best Workplaces in Canada list by Great Place to Work for more than 10 years consecutively.

As a valued member of the CapriCMW family, you will be awarded a competitive compensation package based on your education, skills, and experience, including:

  • Generous incentives and bonus programs
  • Employee ownership opportunities
  • Life, disability, health, and dental insurance coverage
  • Group RRSP program
  • Employer-matched pension plan
  • Discounts on CapriCMW's services and products
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Wellness and Lifestyle Spending Accounts 
  • Career development through leadership training and learning resources
  • Being part of an award-winning network of 480 professionals in 17 offices across BC, the Yukon, and Ontario

If you’re interested in learning more, we’re always happy to talk about how we started in insurance, our experiences in the industry and what we think the future holds.  Send us an e-mail at, or view and apply for our current career opportunities.

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