COVID-19 Trip Interruption Insurance for Employee Travel

If your company has employees that regularly travel for work, COVID-19 related interruptions can cause significant delays and drive up expenses by thousands.
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Feb 15th, 2022 | By: CapriCMW

If your business has employees that regularly travel for work, COVID-19 related interruptions can cause significant delays and drive up costs to the company by thousands.

Typically, trip interruption insurance cover costs that result from events occurring after a trip has began that disrupts or interrupts the trip, or causes the traveler to return earlier or later than the original return date. However, in many cases, travel insurance providers are not covering costs for interruptions due to a traveler testing positive for COVID-19, as the pandemic is considered a "known event" whereas trip interruption policies are intended to cover "unexpected" circumstances.

Through our partners at Tugo, you can now purchase multi-trip annual interruption insurance policies for your employees that will cover COVID-19 related expenses up to $25,000.

If an employee is unable to board a flight due to testing positive for COVID-19, TuGo will cover:

  • $1500 per trip for expenses incurred as a result of a required quarantine such as meals and accommodation
  • $25,000 (the aggregate limit for the year) for new flights

Additionally, Tugo's trip interruption insurance will also provide reimbursement for expenses including:

  • Non-refundable unused prepaid airfare costs (or change fees in lieu) plus any other non-refundable unused prepaid travel costs
  • Non-refundable prepaid tours and up to $1,000 for additional transportation costs incurred when a tour is cancelled
  • One-way economy airfare back to the departure point and an airline seat upgrade if medically necessary
  • One-way economy airfare or transportation costs to catch-up to the next travel destination
  • Single supplement accommodation incurred if the travelling companion interrupts their trip
  • Up to $350 per day to a maximum of $1,500 for out-of-pocket expenses for accommodation,meals, internet, telephone charges and taxi expenses in the event of delayed returns

Contact your CapriCMW Risk Advisor to learn more about travel insurance options for your employees.

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