CapriCMW's Best Motorcycle Trips in BC and Beyond: Part 3

CapriCMW 's passionate motorcyclists share the stories of their favourite overnight trips and their tips for those of you who want to try them yourself.
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Apr 25th, 2018 | By: CapriCMW

With winding roads that take you through a diverse landscape of vast mountains, lakes and rivers, BC is home to some of the most scenic routes in the world and those who love to ride the open road. CapriCMW has a number of passionate motorcyclists across our offices in the Lower Mainland and the Interior. In this series, they’ll be sharing the stories of their favourite overnight trips and their tips for those of you who want to try them yourself.

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The last of this series comes from Mark Goldstone of our Kelowna office. His favourite trip was several days long and took him across four states:

Montana to New Mexico Motorcycle Trip

Montana to New Mexico Motorcycle Trip

My favourite road trip was from Butte, Montana to Albuquerque, New Mexico and back. The trip is 4,300 km in total. All secondary highways are two lanes. It took me six days, with a three-day break in the middle. 13 hours in your helmet will drive you either sane or crazy, depending on how you look at it.

Montana to New Mexico Motorcycle Trip

Montana to New Mexico Motorcycle Trip

Montana to New Mexico Motorcycle Trip

The best moment for me on this trip was seeing my oldest sister. She was mid-way through her cancer treatment at that time and I had traveled there to say my goodbyes.  I’m happy to say she is still alive and well now several years later.

Going through cowboy country, I found they were all actually really welcoming to bikers, contrary to popular belief. Say hi if you’re in Cody, Wyoming and you come across a grisly old man in bright pink boots - he’s very friendly and a great story teller!

One of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met in my life was going through New Mexico. He was a WWII Navaho code talker standing outside a bookstore in full uniform. He was conscripted at 18 from a village of 300 people. At that time, he hadn’t ever gone more than 20 miles from New Mexico. He was sent to the South Pacific as a code radio operator on a ship with 2,500 people on board and he spent 18 months at sea. After that, he returned home never to leave again.

A must-ride is the Beartooth Pass from Wyoming to Montana. It’s closed most of the year due to snow so dress warm and breathe deep as the oxygen at nearly 11,000 feet is thin.

Beartooth Pass

Beartooth Pass

Beartooth Pass

On this route, there is no cell reception in a lot of areas so you totally immerse yourself in your surroundings and the people around you. As you can tell, I got to meet a lot of great, interesting people along the way.

Montana to New Mexico Motorcycle Trip

Mark Goldstone
Commercial Account Executive
T: 250 869 3824

We hope you've enjoyed this blog series and were able to take some ideas or inspiration for your next trip. With summer on the way, make sure you're ready to hit the road by securing your motorcycle insurance now. CapriCMW has made it easier than ever. Visit to get an instant quote and pay for your insurance in minutes.  

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