Backroad Mapbooks' Top Places for ATVing in BC

Our friends at Backroad Mapbooks, the go-to source for road and recreation maps and outdoor activity guides, recently shared their favourite places in BC for ATVing.
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Aug 16th, 2018 | By: CapriCMW

The diverse terrains and natural beauty in BC is a paradise for outdoor adventurers and ATV enthusiasts. With thousands of kiloemetres in popular, designated trails and secluded, unexplored backroads, there are endless landscapes to explore. 

Our friends at Backroads Mapbooks, the go-to source for road and recreation maps and outdoor activity guides, have narrowed down their favourite places in BC for ATVing. Here are their top picks: 

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Bear Creek – Thompson Okanagan

There are over 350 km (220 mi) of trails to explore in the Bear Creek Recreation Area, which is BC’s largest rec area and is found close to West Kelowna. There are one-way trails, loop trails and hundreds of logging roads to explore, with ATV-friendly camping found at the Aspen Trail Head Campground and the Burke Trail Campground. There are trail fees and regulations are strictly enforced, but the riding is more than worth it. There are tons of options here for family and beginner-friendly riding, and more experienced riders can poke around and find some challenging terrain as well.

Backroad Mapbooks Thompson Okanagan - Bear Creek Motorized Trails

Fernie – Kootenay Rockies

Heading east of this popular ski town along the Coal Creek Road leads you to around 90 km (56 mi) of trails, along with many more kilometers of spur roads and logging roads to explore. Popular rides include the trail along Fernie Ridge, the steep route up Morissey Ridge and the trail to the Notch, a sweeping viewpoint that is found atop Flathead Ridge. Generally speaking, whichever route you take will lead you to some breathtaking Kootenay Rockies scenery, with its thick forests, towering mountains and sparkling lakes and streams.

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Fort St. John – Northern BC

There are a lot of trails to explore around Fort St. John, but the most popular place to ride is to the south of town where you will find over 400 km (250 mi) of trails. The ride to Stewart Lake is a challenging 140 km (87 mi) trip that is perfect for experienced ATVers, or you can take the Gagne Road to a large trail network that leads you among some spectacular northern BC scenery. No matter which trail you choose, you are sure to enjoy your time ATVing around Fort St. John!

Backroad Mapbooks Northern BC - Stewart Lake/Septimus-Gagne Trails

Gold Bridge – Vancouver, Coast and Mountains

One of the premier riding areas in the province, Gold Bridge offers an expansive trail network that connects with Lillooet to the east or Gang Ranch and 100 Mile House in the north. Trails lead you alongside dramatic cliffs, high above big lakes and deep valleys and up towards snow-capped mountains. To the south of town, you can explore a network of gravel roads that lead you to abandoned mine sites and up creek draws. No matter which direction you head out in from Gold Bridge, the ATV adventure of a lifetime awaits.

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Hope – Vancouver, Coast and Mountains

ATV riders in Hope have a lot of options to choose from. The most popular destination is probably the Nickel Mine area, where everyone from first-timers to seasoned experts can find a fun trail to ride. Made up of decommissioned forest service roads, hydro access roads and abandoned mining roads, there are approximately 100 km (62 mi) of trails to explore here. ATVers can also explore a variety of other riding areas including Emory Creek, Mount Hope, Jones Lake, Skagit Valley and Sunshine Valley – there is no limit of ATVing fun to be had around Hope, BC!

Backroad Mapbooks Vancouver Coast & Mountains - BC Nikel Mine Road Riding Area

Oyster River Trails – Vancouver Island

Heading out in either direction of Highway 19 near Campbell River, this maze of trails is made up mostly of old logging roads and leads you to a number of unique destinations. The Oyster Bowl is a beautiful swimming and fishing spot, and you can also head to Beadnell Lake or take a ride up to the top of the 1,983 metre (6,506 ft) Alexandra Peak. Caves, mine sites and hiking trails can all be accessed from the OHV trails here, and you never really know what you might stumble across while exploring. For some of the best ATV riding on Vancouver Island, be sure to make a visit to the Oyster River area.

Photo via / Mike Coulter

Prince George – Northern BC

There are numerous trails in the Prince George area that are maintained by the Prince George ATV Club. One of the most popular places to ride is Tabor Mountain, which features around 150 km (93 mi) of OHV trails as well as several cabins and warming shelters. Many ATVers choose to ride to Francis Lake, where there is a recreation area to base camp at. There are also numerous long distance trails, and it is possible to travel as far as Wells – the ATV club hosts an annual ride to the historic mining town.

Backroad Mapbooks Northern BC - Tabor Mountain Trails

Revelstoke – Kootenay Rockies

While Revelstoke is well-known for its winter recreation opportunities, coming here in the snow-free season is highly recommended for ATV enthusiasts. The Revelstoke ATV Club partners with the BC government and BC Hydro to maintain a sprawling network of trails that lead you deep into the surrounding mountains. Boulder Mountain and Frisby Ridge are a couple of notable highlights, while Joss Mountain and Sproat Mountain both offer some challenging riding to incredible viewpoints.

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Valemount – Thompson Okanagan

Tucked into a deep valley at the north end of Kinbasket Lake, Valemount is a small town with some big adventure opportunities for ATVers. There are some 185 km (115 mi) of designated trails accessible from town, climbing high into the surrounding mountains and leading to stunning Canadian Rockies scenery. There are also low-elevation, family-friendly trails such as the 22 km (14 mi) West Ridge Family Loop, while riding up Allen Creek leads you to a series of lakes, bowls, meadows and steep climbs that will delight experienced riders. There are some great camping spots for ATVers along Kinbasket Lake too, including the Yellowjacket and Horse Creek campgrounds. Whether you are just heading out on your first ride or are a skilled veteran, there is an ATV adventure just for you in Valemount!

Backroad Mapbooks Thompson Okanagan - West Ridge OVH Trails

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