Addressing the Biggest Risks Facing Water Well Drillers

Under BC's Water Sustainability Act, the responsibility for addressing flowing artesian conditions encountered while drilling falls onto the well driller and drilling company.
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Apr 3rd, 2019 | By: CapriCMW

On February 29, 2016, the Water Sustainability Act (WSA) came into effect in BC. The WSA replaced the previous Water Act and was the result of a years-long project to modernize provincial law to better protect and manage BC's water resources for the future.

Along with regulations for water use, protection of aquatic ecosystems and dam safety, the WSA included updates to the Groundwater Protection Regulation. The Groundwater Protection Regulation governs well driller and pump installer registration and qualification, well construction, maintenance, identification and closure, as well as artesian flow. Under the updates, the responsibility for addressing flowing artesian conditions encountered while drilling falls onto the well driller and drilling company.

The costs to control an artesian flowing well can amount to thousands and even millions of dollars, and it is not specified who is financially responsible. The typical Commercial General Liability insurance policy that a drilling contractor would carry excludes these expenses. In the face of this situation and without coverage, would your company be able to withstand the financial impact?

As a proud member of the BC Ground Water Association, CapriCMW is actively involved and supports the organization's work in the advancement of the groundwater industry and in the protection, promotion, and responsible development of groundwater resources. With our understanding of the key concerns facing the industry and the lack of insurance options for these issues, we developed our Water Well Drillers Liability Program. Backed by decades of experience and specialized expertise, we work with drillers to leverage risk management, risk transfer and innovative insurance solutions to address the biggest and emerging risks they face, including unexpected expenses for flowing artesian conditions.  

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