9 Campsites in BC That We Love and So Will You

CapriCMW employees share their favourite 'secret spots' to enjoy a weekend outdoors in British Columbia.
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May 9th, 2017 | By: Mark Rossi

Prior to working at Capri Insurance, I worked with Parks Canada in Revelstoke. I was under the impression that I would never work with a cast of more outdoorsy, adventurous people in my career and certainly thought I wouldn’t find these people in the insurance industry. I was wrong!

A impressive amount of  people at Capri are avid “weekend warriors.” Packing up the tent, bike, RV, or boat Friday after work and returning to the office on Monday with that unmistakable smile and glow that one gets after a weekend in the woods.  Like many in BC’s interior, the team here at Capri loves to get outside and explore the abundant natural spaces that we have been blessed with.

I have been doing some digging in the past few weeks to try to uncover where exactly this crew of weekend adventurers play.

The task has not been an easy one… As I am sure many of you know, people’s secret spots are, well, secret. I had to beg, plead, pry and in some cases trick my co-workers in order to uncover this list of, what I hope, are the best camping spots in the interior.

I know I will be exploring these places this summer, and I thought I would share them with you too. Bring your fishing rod, your swim trunks and some cold beverages and I’ll see you there! This list will have you smiling at work on Monday.

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1. Yard Creek

Whose fav? – Cody Semsch, Claims Specialist

“My favorite is Yard Creek Provincial Park, Malakwa BC. Lush, forested campsite not too far from the Okanagan and Kamloops it is right near the Trans Canada highway so it is very accessible. Has tons of space, and it isn’t too busy. If you go at the right time of the year you can see the salmon spawning in Yard Creek. There are 65 tent and RV sites, hiking trails, and a picnic shelter.”

Learn more about Yard Creek


2. Arlington Lake

Whose fav? – Cindy Young, Auto CSR

“One of our favorite camping spots is Arlington Lake just off Hwy 33. It is near the old Kettle Valley trestles and is a great spot with a nice little lake for fishing or relaxing on your floaty. The spots are a good size and not too close to the next camper. It is a first come first serve campsite and $13.00 a night which is collected by the friendly camp host Archie . Also a great spot for ATVers ,biking and nature walks along the old trestles.”

Learn more about Arlington Lake

3. Pineaus Lake

Whose fav? – Lisa Doughty, Commercial CSR

“What’s not to love about Pineaus Lake just past Falkland between Kamloops and Vernon. Whether you are camping, RVing or choose one of the 12 cabins….the spot is ideal. Fishing? You bet! Perch & Trout! Great off the dock or in one of the inexpensive rentals. You can even catch them in your Party Pants!!”

*Update: Pineaus Lake Resort is closed indefinitely due to landslide risk


4. Kettle River Provincial Park

Whose fav? – Blaine Dickson, CapriCMW Wealth Management

“My Favorite Campsite is Kettle River Provincial Campground in Rock Creek BC.

Why I love it?

  • Only 1 hours and 30 minutes from Kelowna
  • Showers and flush toilets
  •  From mid July to late August, there are few bugs and mosquitos
  • Only 5 minute drive from Rock Creek for beverages, groceries, ice and other camping supplies
  • Tubing and swimming in the Kettle River to cool off on those 30 – 35 C summer days
  • Jumping off the railway bridge into the Kettle River
  • Cycling on the Canada Trail, which goes right throughout the campground
  • Very family oriented campground, so quiet at night (kids are sleeping)

Remember to book in advance this is a popular spot!”

Learn more about Kettle River Provincial Park

5. Woodhaven Campground

Whose fav? – Shawn Young, Auto CSR

“Woodhaven Campground on the shores of White Lake near Sorrento! I found this spot about 5 years ago and we make a point to spend a week out of every summer here. White Lake is a crystal clear lake where no motorised boats are allowed. There’s turtles for the kids to catch and big rainbow trout for the adults as well as some of the best ATV trails around. By far, my  favorite place to camp.”

camp woodhaven.jpg

Learn more about Woodhaven Campground

6. Gold Mountain RV Park 

Whose fav? – Terry Leibel, Capri Centre Team Lead

“We love Gold Mountain RV Park & Cabins in Hedley BC. It’s situated right beside the Similkameen River; plenty of hiking & history in the area. Good for R&R or for those that like to do little day trips from Kelowna too!”

Learn more about Gold Mountain RV Park

7. Summit Lake Provincial Park

Whose fav? – Aaron Spencer, Commercial Account Executive

“Albeit a longer drive from the Okanagan but if you are going for an extended period of time it is great. There is really good fishing in spring and swimming in summer. Beautiful scenery with some impressive mountains dominating the horizon. Half of the sites have private water access. It is 17Km from Nakusp where supplies and groceries can be bought and where there is a sani-dump. To get there it is a beautiful drive through Lumby cross the ferry to Fauquier and then up along the arrow lakes.”


Learn more about Summit Lake Provincial Park

8. Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park

Whose fav? – Mark Goldstone, Commercial Account Executive

“Kentucky-Alleyne Lake is a place everyone should get the chance to see. Beautiful crystal clear turquoise waters, with big fish. Less than 90 minutes drive from Kelowna it’s a nice quiet spot for a weekend getaway truly a gem in the region. Don’t forget to book online!”


Learn more about Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park

9. Hidden Lake Recrecation Site

Whose Fav? – Chris Lloyd, Marketing Specialist

“There’s lots of spacious lake front sites, crystal clear water, and great fishing in the early summer at this hidden gem. Fun day trips from Hidden Lake include a relaxing float down the Shuswap River or an adventurous drive to Three Valley Gap on the 3 Valley – Mabel Forest Service Road.”

Learn more about Hidden Lake Recreation Site

Your RV Should Be Worry-Free

Enjoy the great outdoors worry-free with the best insurance for your RV. Compare your rates and review your insurance options with a quick online quote.

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