Motorcycle Insurance

motorcycle insurance

Complete coverage for your motorcycle

Insuring your motorcycle has never been easier: unique in BC, CapriCMW has the province's only option for online quote and immediate purchase of motorcycle insurance.

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No Extra Fees

Extra coverage for lock rekeying, travel protection, repatriation expense, and after-market equipment are all included with no extra charges.

Third-party Liability Coverage

Third-party liability for a motorcycle must be purchased separately through ICBC. Click here to get Third-Party Liability coverage

(click through to motorcycle quote form).

Dedicated Claims Support

Accidents happen. In fact, there are approximately 740 vehicle crashes daily in BC. Our in-house claims team is here to help you through the process when you need us.

Complete coverage

All motorcycle policies include the following coverages:

All-Risk Damage

Covers damage to your motorcycle as a result of collision with another vehicle, person or object. Also covers loss or damage by fire, theft, glass or vandalism.   


Covers against all risks and direct physical damage caused by something other than collision. Collision with an animal is considered a comprehensive loss.

Coverage for your motorcycle while ridden or stored

No restrictions regarding theft of the insured unit and is valid anywhere in Canada and Continental US.

Lock Rekeying

You will be reimbursed to a maximum of $1000 for the cost of rekeying the locks or replacement of a coded key for an immobilizer system if the keys or coded key are stolen. No deductible applies to this coverage benefit.

Motorcycle repatriation expense

Repatriation expense will indemnify the insured for expenses not exceeding $2000 to make your motorcycle operational for to transport it to a repair facility. No deductible is applied to this coverage benefit.

Travel protection

In the event you are involved in an accident, or if your motorcycle is stolen while you are traveling away from your home (outside your City of residence), we will reimburse you for the cost of additional living expenses (lodging, meals, transportation and phone calls) incurred due to damage to or theft of your motorcycle, subject to a maximum of $1,000. No deductible applies to this coverage enhancement.

Temporary substitute motorcycle

Coverage under this policy is extended to cover a substitute motorcycle if you are unable to use your motorcycle as a result of an insured peril. Coverage from your damaged unit is temporarily transferred to the rental, courtesy or borrowed motorcycle and temporary substitute coverage ceases as soon as repairs to your motorcycle are complete.

“Not at Fault” Collision loss

If you make a “Not at Fault” collision claim under this policy, your deductible will be waived.

Annual coverage 

12-month annual coverage

Equipment coverage

Coverage for motorcycle equipment not attached. Personal effects such as helmets, boots, gloves, riding suits and truck racks for transporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is aftermarket equipment covered?

Yes, aftermarket equipment will be covered if the extra equipment is attached to the insured vehicle and the value of that equipment was included in the insurance limit purchased. We recommend that you keep receipts for the original purchase and take photos of the added equipment.

What happens in the case of a total loss?

The motorcycle is insured for Agreed Value. Agreed Value is the amount shown on your policy for your motorcycle. In the event of a total loss, you will receive the amount shown on the policy. No deductions will be taken for depreciation and no deductible will be charged. For example, if your motorcycle is insured for $12,000 and is a total loss, you will receive $12,000 if your intention is to purchase a replacement motorcycle.

Does this program provide Third-Party Liability coverage?

No. Third-party liability for a motorcycle must be purchased through ICBC Autoplan, at a CapriCMW office or any Autoplan Broker. To operate a motorcycle on a road or highway without third-party liability is a serious offence. In addition to fines, if you are at fault in an accident you could be held personally liable for third-party bodily injury or property damage. Click here to get Third-Party Liability coverage (click through to motorcycle quote form).


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