Motorcycle Insurance for British Columbians


BC is a popular motorcycle touring location, and biking is one of the best ways to experience the rugged beauty of the province. There’s no doubt that motorcycling is a pastime that comes at a cost, and we know that your bike’s protection matters. After all, it’s a passion for you – and it’s our passion to ensure that you get the motorcycle coverage you need.

Our Partners at Megson Fitzpatrick Insurance

Megson Fitzpatick Insurance’s motorcycle insurance program is recognized as one of the best in British Columbia. As part of the Acera Insurance family, the team of knowledgeable and friendly motorcycle insurance brokers at Megson Fitzpatrick will be taking care of your online quote request, and any questions you may have. When you click Get a Quote, you will be redirected to the motorcycle insurance page on Megson Fitzpatrick’s website where you can start an online quote.

Eligibility for BC Motorcycle Insurance

To qualify, a driver must have held a driver’s license for 10 years or held a driver’s license for five years and taken a recognized safety course. Applicants as young as 18 years with a motorcycle under 400cc’s may qualify for our “Low Displacement Program.”

Program Features for BC Motorcycle Insurance

  • “All Perils” coverage (Collision and Comprehensive)
  • Policy written on “Agreed Value” basis
  • One claim forgiveness, no rating penalty
  • Monthly financing available, minimum premiums of $300
  • Covers the motorcycle while on the road or in storage with no date restrictions for the on-road usage
  • The policy is written on an annual basis, but can be cancelled if the bike is sold

Standard Benefits for BC Motorcycle Insurance

This includes travel protection with your motorcycle insurance policy in the event of loss or damage from an insured peril when traveling outside of your city of residence.

  • $500 additional living expenses
  • $1,500 to return a damaged or recovered stolen motorcycle
  • $1,500 travel expenses to return home
  • $500 loss of use coverage
*Please note, Third Party Legal Liability Coverage must be purchased from ICBC.

Additional Standard Benefits:

  • Lock re-keying, if keys are stolen (no deductible)
  • Emergency road-service coverage up to a maximum of $100 per occurrence (no deductible)
  • Up to $3,000 for motorcycle riding gear (basis of settlement is replacement cost; higher limits are available upon request)
  • Up to $1,000 for trailer towed by bike
  • Includes unlimited use to and from work or school
  • Policy coverage will extend to attached accessories, provided they are included with the agreed value

Touring Package (Optional Coverage)

Protection in the event of a physical damage claim, or if you are medically unable to ride while traveling outside of your city of residence:

  • $1,000 additional living expenses
  • $3,000 to return your bike back to your city of residence
  • $1,500 travel expenses to return home
  • $200 emergency roadside assistance
  • $500 loss of use coverage

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