The EquiCare Insurance Program for Horses


EquiCare is a specialized insurance product available exclusively through CapriCMW Insurance Services Ltd. and underwritten by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation, rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best in Canada.

Since 1998, EquiCare has protected hundreds of thousands of horse owners against the unknown.

The EquiCare insurance program is comprised of the following elements:


This is the coverage that provides life insurance on your horse.  Mortality insurance, as provided by EquiCare, is available under two coverage types:

Full Mortality means that the life of the horse is insured against death arising from any accident or any sickness and includes humane destruction by a veterinarian. Full Mortality coverage is available for horses aged between 30 days and 20 years.

Named Perils Mortality insures the life of the horse for death arising from a list of “named” perils detailed in the policy wording. Named Perils Mortality covers losses from such causes as fire, lightning, collapse of a building, transport, entrapment, drowning, impact by a vehicle, government order and others. Named Perils Mortality DOES NOT COVER DEATH ARISING FROM SICKNESS. Horses aged 30 days or older are eligible for Named Perils Mortality coverage (no maximum age). As this is a more restrictive coverage, rates are lower than for Full Mortality.

PLEASE NOTE: Full Mortality coverage includes all of the Named Perils.


This coverage is an option that most of our clients take advantage of and can be purchased if the horse is insured under a Full Mortality policy as described above. This extension will provide coverage if you incur unexpected veterinarian expenses for a life or health threatening situation and includes surgical and non-surgical procedures.  Major Medical/Surgical does not cover incidental and routine vet expenses (inoculations etc.) and is subject to a deductible/co-insurance contribution. You can choose an annual limit that best suits your needs from $2,500 to $15,000 per policy term to horses aged between 6 months and 18 years.

Being proactive and a part of the risk management of your horse qualifies you for the most favourable rates:

  • Member in good standing of your Provincial /Territorial Equine Association
  • Have your horse examined at least once a year by a licensed veterinarian
  • Work with a qualified farrier
  • Have a dental and parasite exam at least once a year 
  • Work with a trusted equine professional

In order to place coverage under the EquiCare program, there is a simple application and Declaration Of Health form for you to complete. In some cases, we may ask for a certificate to be completed by a veterinarian. To obtain more information or the forms to have a policy issued, please contact our office or visit our website at

Get EquiCare

Apply now to get the best protection for your horse with the EquiCare Insurance Program. 

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