Jul 3rd, 2020 | By: CapriCMW

CapriCMW is proud and excited to be the Presenting Sponsor of the 2020 BIKEnnale/WALKennale!

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Hosted by Vancouver Biennale, the 2020 BIKEnnale/WALKennale will take place over six Sundays from July 26 to August 30. Cycle or walk each route of the week through Vancouver's distinctly diverse neighbourhoods.

With the help of the BIKEennale/WALKEnnale navigation app, you'll be guided on tours through the city's historically rich, architecturally unique, and culturally profound highlights, anchored by the iconic Vancouver Biennale public art installations. 

Take photos with the artworks along the routes and submit them to answer the weekly BIG IDEAS questions for entries into weekly raffles! You'll also get access to exclusive discounts from community sponsors. 

This is a unique opportunity to get outdoors and experience our local art and culture in a healthy and safe way! All funds raised go to support Vancouver Biennale's public art programs. Learn more and register at vbbike.ca.


About Vancouver Biennale

The Vancouver Biennale is a non-profit charitable organization that exhibits great art in public space, creating a catalyst for learning, community engagement, dialogue, and social action. Learn more at vancouverbiennale.com.