Aug 29th, 2022 | By: CapriCMW

CapriCMW is One of BIV's Biggest Insurance Brokers in BC!

Biggest Insurance Brokers in BC 2022.png

For over 30 years, Business in Vancouver has served as one of the top sources of news, analysis and commentary for BC's business community. BIV publishes weekly ranked lists of BC's companies and the people who lead them, providing insight in to the biggest and most successful companies by industry.

CapriCMW is proud to be ranked sixth in this year's Biggest Insurance Brokers in BC list.

Our roots in BC date back more than 45 years beginning with just one office of six people. Thanks to the decades-long support of our incredible team members and local communities, the CapriCMW family has grown to 500 professionals in 17 offices offering a wide range of expertise spanning a multitude of industries, products and services. We look forward to continuing to serve BC and creating long-term value for our employees, clients, industry partners and communities.