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Introducing stand-alone coverage for firearms from loss, theft or damage, available in Canada for the very first time

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The Best Protection for Your Firearms

Until now, firearm owners have had to rely on home insurance policies to cover their firearms. But we're seeing home insurance providers moving to restrict limits on firearms and in some cases, outright excluding them. That's why we created GunGuard. If your firearms are lost, stolen or suffer damage, GunGuard has you covered.


Your Privacy Matters

We know your privacy matters. That's why GunGuard does not require any details of your firearms upon purchase of coverage unless they are high value or considered unique or rare.


Flexible Coverage Options

Choose from three levels of coverage to suit your needs:

  1. $25,000 coverage limit for $60/year
  2. $50,000 coverage limit for $90/year
  3. $75,000 coverage limit for $120/year

Higher limit options are available for firearm owners with large collections.

Firearms that are five years and newer are eligible for full replacement coverage. For older firearms, you'll receive actual cash value as assessed by an approved firearms dealer.

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Protect Your Firearms with GunGuard

With GunGuard, get peace of mind knowing your valuable firearms are always covered. With GunGuard's easy, online application your firearms will be covered instantly upon purchase.